This is the second print of this book. The reason the Author wrote it is to refute the falsehood found in the book "Ahlus Sunnah al-Ashaa'irah" in which is an attempt of the Ashaa'irah to enter themselves into the folds of Ahlus Sunnah wa al-Jamaa'ah to make it appear that they are the true Ahlus Sunnah. This book proves that this is not possible except by way of accepting that all of the attributes of Allaah ta'alaa mentioned in the Book of Allaah and on the tongue of his messenger and from the 'Ijamaa' of the Salah in its reality and not metaphorically. Printed in Kuwait in one huge volume on 864 pages of yellow paper. 

al-Ashaa'irah fi Mizaan Ahlis Sunnah الأشاعرة في ميزان أهل السنة

Productcode: 9789933446667