Al-Mawsoo'atul Maysarah fee Al-Adyaan wal Madhaahib Al-Mu'aasirah organized and reviewd by Dr. Maani' bin Hammad Al-Juhanee is a encyclopedia that consist of a lot of the different religions, their Madhaabs, Different Parties and Gropus of this era. It starts off with the Christians and explains their religion and moves on to the different Madhaahib in Islaam like the Hanifiyyah and Hanabilah. It also discusses their books and speaks about the misguided Nation of Islaam and other groups in the west. A very beneficial book for those Intrested in Groups or Sects with in and outside of Islaam. Printed by Dar An-Nadwah Al-'Alamiyyah in two volumes on white paper. This book is very beneficial book!  

Al-Mawsoo'atul Maysarah 1/2 الموسوعة الميسرة في الأديان والمذاهب

  • عنوان الكتاب :الموسوعة الميسرة في الأديان والمذاهب 

    المؤلف : د. مانع بن حماد الجهني

    الطبعة : طبعة الرابعة

    عدد الأجزاء : 2

    الناشر : دار الندوة العالمية للطباعة والنشر والتوزيع                                              USA                                                                                  :201014810796                                                             

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