This book is One of the distinguished writings of Shaykh al-Kasani that is famous because of its easy Arabic language and its delivering the hadith as a reference on every issue of fiqh. This is originally a Sharh (Commentary) of the book "Tuhfat Al-Fuqaha'a" written by his teacher, Alauddin Muhammad bin Abi Ahmad al-Samarqandi (D. 539 hijri) in Hanafi Fiqh.

About the Author

al-Allamah Abu Bakr al-Kasani al-Hanafi was a great scholar and Jurist who was born in Kazan and learned Ilm & Marifat (Knowledge & enlightenment) there from Shaykh Muhammad Bin Abi Ahmad al-Samarqandi and read through Him his prominent writings such as "Tuhfat Al-Fuqaha'a" the Sharh of Tawilaat fi Tafseer al-Qur'an al-Azim. 

Shaykh al-Samarqandi got him (Al-kazani) married to his daughter who had memorized Tohfat al-Fuqaha (her father's writing).

When Al-Kasani wrote Sharh of "Tohfa" (known by Bada'i as-Sana'i) and offered to his teacher, he expressed his happiness and offered his daughter in his Nikah. 

The jurists of his time said, "He (al-Kasani) explained his Tohfa, and he (al-Samarqandi) married him to his daughter"
(شرح تحفته وزوجه ابنته). 

Shamsuddin Abu Abdullah Muhammad Al-Khidhr says, "The time when Shaykh al-Kasani Came to Damascus, many jurists gathered around him to ask for his Fatawa on which they had doubt (They thought it contradicted Hanafi Fiqh)". But Shaykh al-Kasani washed their suspicion out and said, "I have never gave any Fatwa that goes against Hanafi fiqh."

Shaykh al-Kasani died in 587 Hijri.ash-Shaykh Ziyauddin said that he was present with him at his time of death, he started to recite Surah Ibrahim, where he read the verse number 27 where Allaah ta'alaa says "Allaah keeps firm those who believe, with the firm word, in the worldly life and in the Hereafter." Upon completeion of the Ayat he passed away. 

The Book is printed by Dar al-Haadeth Cairo on white paper in 10 volumes. 

Bada'i' as-Sana'i' fi Tartib ash-Shara'i' 1/10 بدائع الصنائع في ترتيب الشرائع

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