This is an explanation of 50 Haadith from the book "Jawami' al-Kalim" by al-Imaam al-Haafidh al-Faqhih Zaynad-Deen Abee al-Faraj 'Abdur Rahmaan Ibn Shahab ad-Deen al-Baghdadi ad-Damishiqi (736-795h) commonly known as "Ibn Rajab".  This is one of the best explanations of this book which contains the 40 Haadeth of al-Imaam an-Nawawi. Tahqeeq by Taariq bin 'Awdullah Muhammad. Printed by Dar Ibn Jowzi (KSA) on Yellow Paper. 896 pages

Jaami' al-Uloom wa al-Hikm جامع العلوم والحكم

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